The three reasons why we fight the concept of predetermined fate

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The three reasons why we fight the concept of predetermined fate

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So I am explaining it with an example. It will be a bit lengthy, so please read it with patience. Also make sure to read this answer to get an idea about the three types of karma.

Are our destinies predetermined? So most major events in our lives are predefined. For example, where and to which family we will be born, what type of job we will be doing, what incidents and life we will be experiencing, etc.

But, for any event to manifest a certain set of actions are also required. Hence, for the manifestation of certain predefined events, the necessary actions will also have to take place. That is why certain actions are also predefined and these set of preordained actions are known as prarabdha karma.

And for the actions to manifest we will need to have that kind of desire and mindset. For example, due to a past wrong action stopping the four Sanat kumaras from meeting Vishnu Sishupal and Vakradanta, in their previous life as a guard in Vaikuntha abode of Vishnugot cursed and had to take birth as a demon, and Kamsa in his previous birth was demon Kalanemi and was cursed by Hiranyakashipu.

And because they were predestined to be killed by Krishna, most of their actions were destined to be wrong and demonic in nature.

If destiny is predefined, then why do our actions affect our karma?

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Why should they affect my karma? But the point is, not all our actions are predefined. Only those set of actions that will give rise to predetermined events are predefined. And in our life we do both kinds of actions, predefined and not defined.

Those set of actions that were not predefined are known as Kriyamana Karma accumulating actions. It is mostly these actions that affect our karma, not the preordained ones.

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Generally, preordained events and actions being effects of our past life actions, once experienced, they get balanced out. But the Kriyamana karma, being newer actions that we do in this present life, get stored to be experienced later.

Let me give an example for better understanding. Example Suppose you had done many good works in your previous life and for that reason you are destined to be wealthy and famous.

So, if in this life, you have become an engineer or programmer, then you will feel attracted to develop a software that it will become famous and earn you money.

The three reasons why we fight the concept of predetermined fate

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The three reasons why we fight the concept of predetermined fate

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