The role of matter in making

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The role of matter in making

And Huntsman, who in his second year in office had mastered the craft of combining subtle political arm-twisting with finesse to move his policy ideas forward, got what he wanted when SB75 passed the Legislature increating the new Utah Science, Technology and Research initiative.


The effort was widely backed by both the Utah business community and state academic leaders, and Huntsman's comments to the Deseret News at the time reflected the expansive scope of his vision. And it will also mean that we will be a haven for the intellectual leadership and talent from universities all over this nation that will allow USTAR to multiply and build upon itself year after year after year," Huntsman said.

Eleven years later, USTAR remains committed to its original mission of leveraging science and technology innovation to expand and diversify Utah's economy, and has recently re-tooled, with guidance provided by an exhaustive independent assessment and some helpful tweaks from the Legislature.

Ivy Estabrooke, USTAR's executive director and a neuroscientist, said the changes put the agency in an even better position to cultivate and accelerate the process that helps grow innovations from idea to product. This is the gap that an innovator is likely to encounter when smaller startup grants or self-financing that has kept research and early development going has dried up, but the idea hasn't advanced far enough to, say, build a prototype, often a necessary sign of progress to start attracting the interest of private funding sources, like angel investors or venture capitalists.

This gap is a frequent barrier for both academic research efforts and private, entrepreneurial endeavors. For science fiction fans, the idea may spark reminiscence of a famous scene from "Blade Runner," where a giant pane of glass at Tyrell Corp.

The role of matter in making

Sparks, a materials science expert and director of the U. While the grant from USTAR was relatively small, Sparks said, it came at just the right time and the connection he was able to make with Ceramatec, via the Industry Partners Program, was a key to the successful outcome.

He also noted that, based on conversations he's had with academic colleagues, Utah researchers are getting a distinct advantage, thanks to USTAR. While that formula does work, Estabrooke said, the arc from idea to new company and new jobs is an extended journey and wasn't accurately recognized in USTAR's original prospectus.

There have also been issues uncovered in the trio of legislative audits that have been assessed on the agency, as well as some concerns raised about reporting methodology.

Estabrooke, who took over USTAR's helm in mid, said the bumps have been overcome, and a much better basis on which to measure successes was guided by the findings of a assessment by SRI International.

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