The life and struggles of jonah to live right

They made their journey according to schedule, and Jesus said good-bye to the father and son in the city of Charax on the Persian Gulf on the tenth day of December the following year, A. At Caesarea they took a boat for Alexandria. From Alexandria they sailed for Lasea in Crete. From Crete they sailed for Carthage, touching at Cyrene.

The life and struggles of jonah to live right

Assyria, however, five hundred miles to the east, was a constant threat. Hence, it was certain that if the inhabitants of that great city were responsive to his message, Heaven would certainly spare them.

And Jonah did not want that. Accordingly, Jonah went to Joppa where he boarded a ship bound for Tarshish, a Phoenician colony on the southwest coast of Spain some two thousand miles to the west.

The express design of his trip was to flee from the presence of Jehovah Jonah 1: But, as every Bible student knows, his plans were soon thwarted. Where men propose, God can dispose! When a great storm arose, and the inmates of the vessel feared for their very lives, Jonah confessed that he, as a refugee from the Lord, was the cause of the calamity.

Down he went into the dark depths of the Mediterranean, seaweed swirling about his head cf. Presently, he was devoured by a great creature of the deep. One might almost say that the Lord sent Jonah to school for three days, and the classroom was the belly of a great sea-monster.

The life and struggles of jonah to live right

Jonah Preaches to Nineveh Making his way to Nineveh, a journey that would have taken more than a month and thus provided ample time for sober reflection, Jonah entered the great city with his blunt message consisting of only five words in the Hebrew text: Jonah was quite distraught at this turn of events and he despaired, even to the point of wanting to die.

Resolutely, he perched himself on a hilltop nearby, eagerly watching the city in hopes that the Lord would yet destroy it. His education was still incomplete! As he sat in the scorching sun, God caused a shady vine to grow up for his refreshment and the prophet was glad.

The Lord in effect said: Perhaps we could reflect upon a few of these matters.

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Because of the incident of Jonah being swallowed by the sea-creature, many modern scholars contend that the document is pure fiction cf.

Jesus Christ, however, did not so view it. He appealed to the narrative as genuine history cf. Aside from the fact that this event doubtless involved a miracle, the circumstances are not beyond the realm of possibility even from a natural viewpoint as employed in the providential operations of God.Question: "What can we learn from the life of Jonah?" Answer: Proud, stubborn, disobedient, unfaithful, a grumbler, and altogether a bad-tempered, cantankerous old curmudgeon—this was Jonah, whose name means “dove”!

Jonah was the son of Amittai, who came from Gath-hepher in Zebulun (called Gittah-hepher in Joshua ). Aug 14,  · Moral: In life, things happen around us, things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is how you choose to react to it and what you make out of it.

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Life is all about leaning, adopting and converting all the struggles that we experience into something positive/5(). The book of Jonah demonstrates the sovereignty of the Almighty as he employs his creation to accomplish the divine plan.

The Lord controlled the elements of weather (Jonah , 11, 13, 15; ), and he prepared a sea-creature, a vine, and a worm to do his bidding (Jonah ; , 7).

The Prophet Jonah seems almost comical in his relationship with God, except for one thing: The souls of over , people were at stake. Jonah tried to run away from God, learned a terrifying lesson, did his duty, then still had the nerve to complain to the Creator of the Universe.

Summary: Life’s struggles lessen as we listen to God ourselves and meet the needs God’s people experience.

The life and struggles of jonah to live right

Struggling With Setbacks Jonah refused God’s first request to . Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted - Bible Study Book by Priscilla Shirer provides a personal study experience five days a week, leader helps, and viewer guides for the group video sessions of this in-depth women's Bible study.

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