Study of strategic marketing

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Study of strategic marketing

Marketing Strategy Case Study: Mental Health Support The purpose of this marketing strategy case study is to show how Digital Shift has helped Mental Health Support grow and become more visible through organic search results, brand consistency, and pinpointed advanced targeting.

Continue reading if you think your business could benefit from being above your competition in Google search results! Mental Health Support is a counseling and family therapy center that specializes in anxiety, addictions, and panic attacks.

The owner of the center, Tim Tentcher, contacted Digital Shift because he was having difficulties reaching his ideal target demographic. The demanding workload and stress compounded over time leading Tim to seek help.

Client Opportunities Video campaign to raise awareness Landing pages for conversion Optimizing social media pages After Tim contacted Digital Shift an easy-to-understand plan was implemented working within his desired budget.

Helping Mental Health Support become more Study of strategic marketing would give Tim a competitive advantage and help with lead generation and awareness. Study of strategic marketing Audience When attempting his own social media campaigns, Tim noticed his message was not being delivered to his preferred target customers.

After an in-depth marketing strategy analysis, it became clear Tim needed to redefine his target market and re-focus his strategies. His broad targeting was attracting the wrong customers, lowering his conversion rates, while simultaneously wasting his money.

Digital Shift worked with Tim pinpointing his target market, so Mental Health Support can attract the 20 percent of Tims customers that will generate the majority of his revenue.

Identifying Tims ideal customer was crucial to building a complete marketing strategy template. Effective Targeting Options Effective targeting is key to any successful marketing strategy. Digital Shift worked with Mental Health Support to determine a clear strategy to attract the right customers.

More specifically, Mental Health Support wanted to target male and females with panic anxiety. Since each segment is completely unique, two separate strategies were devised and implemented. Tims goal working with Digital Shift was to promote his counseling and support services to panic and anxiety struck males and females.

After further research, a video marketing campaign was created so Mental Health Support could attract customers in a cost-effective, engaging manner. Digital Shift worked with Tim designing a completely unique whiteboard video, that would engage viewers and strongly resonate with his target market.

Video Marketing Campaign In this marketing strategy case study, Mental Health Support used a whiteboard video to generate awareness and reach their ideal customers online. This top of the funnel marketing strategy plan is incredibly effective because Mental Health Support only pays per video view.

It also helps the company gain valuable exposure through online social media engagement without the expensive price tag. One major benefit to online business marketing is how easily content can be shared.

Anyone who watched Tims video can easily share it with his or her friends at the click of a button. Having the ability to share something with hundreds of potential clients makes this campaign type one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

The following image dissects the cost per video view and how valuable a video marketing strategy can be. Four cents per video view is absolutely outrageous considering companies pay hundreds of dollars each day and only reach one-tenth the number of customers.

Creation of a Valuable Landing Page Another key element of a complete marketing strategy is an effective landing page. Customers would click his link, visit the page, but leave immediately after arriving. Digital shift added key elements to the landing page including trust icons, testimonials, and even an image of his product Mental Health Support Book.

A large, clear, call to action button was also added at the top of the page to allow potential customers to find value immediately after arriving.

Customer value is the outcome of a process that begins with a business strategy anchored in a deep understanding of customer needs. The creation of customer value is an important challenge for the managers, since it is an ongoing competitive challenge in . Google HRM Management Business Organisational Behaviour Corporate Growth In Nestles Strategic Development Marketing Tesco Competitive Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility * Reprint For reprint requests in a text book or a case book, please write to [email protected] Strategic Marketing is a data predictive marketing firm that develops innovative multi-channel programs. For over 23 years, Strategic Marketing has developed a reputation for .

Having these call-to-action buttons positively affects and encourages visitor engagement. The bounce rate decreased and Tims visitors are now spending more time on the landing page than before.

Study of strategic marketing

Part of what makes a landing page successful is having an irresistible free offer that entices customers. The goal of the free offer is to get potential customers to click on a call-to-action.

Case Study: Samsung’s Global Marketing Success Story - Abby Balik

After the download was complete, customers would be redirected to a conversion page thanking them for their time. This conversion page is not just a formality. Digital Shift uses the thank you page for tracking and remarketing with Google AdWords.

New graphics and images were added to give the page a more professional look and feel. The Facebook page was also properly optimized to help with organic search ranking. Furthermore, each time a new image, graphic, or banner was added Digital Shift ensured that it matched the scheme and feel of the landing page.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

This brand consistency is crucial because it provides visitors with a sense of security and familiarity from page to page. Utilizing all these digital assets has helped Tim develop relationships and create a sense of rapport with his target customers.

Developing these relationships is very important to building his brand awareness via social media.Success begins with a good plan. A good plan, in turn, begins with research to understand which solutions might offer the best outcomes for your challenges.

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Improve Your Marketing with Strategic Networking Tools Technology: Collaborative Mind Mapping with Comapping We are all faced with the problem of "information overload," whether it's managing our own information or sharing it with others.

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Strategic marketing workshop is engaged as the main instrument to develop an effective strategic marketing plan for OPKMS with the participation of its sales and marketing personnel as well as the intervention of the researcher.

Consumer behavior is the study of how people make decisions about what they buy, want, need, or act in regards to a product, service, or company.

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