Several reasons on why limp bizkit is not a heavy metal band

Then shortly after release, the album cover drew fury from Hindus and had to be replaced. Alphaville ran into this issue for two of their albums. The Breathtaking Blue was recorded in a brand new studio that the band financed and designed themselves, but unlike their previous two albums, they had no plan for a particular sound or themes to explore and made the album up as they went along. They also tried to record songs as soon as they wrote them without recording demos first.

Several reasons on why limp bizkit is not a heavy metal band

However, you can find some great shots from De Oosterpoort itself. I wanted to mock Limp Bizkit. Those people are douchebags. And there were a shitload of them at this concert. They are all in their 40s.

Think of Grand Theft Auto: I could also talk about the guy on stage, the year old guy on stage, that kept talking as if he was a 16 year old surfer: Yes Fred, we know, you drink and smoke weed.

You are the epitome of awesome. But no, I will take the high road and not do that.

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Well, because it was a pretty decent concert. Aside from the annoying music and the douches who filled the venue, all of which is a subjective perception on my part, the truth is that it was an entertaining show.

Wes Borland, a man known for strange looks and crazy antics on stage, satisfied all of my expectations showing up with his body painted black and wearing a mask made of lights. And yet, Fred Durst went the extra mile to entertain his audience.

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Fred Durst not only communicated with his audience throughout the whole show, but actually went to the audience and sang a couple of songs while standing amongst them. Despite the heat, the fact that that Dutch people are fucking gigantic, and that everyone was pushing, Fred still stood there and sang or, you know, whatever it is he does from there.

He can sure as hell put up a nice show and, amazingly enough, I understand why someone would like to pay for it.GODSMACK.

In February of , after being behind the drums for more than 23 years, Sully Erna decided to start a new band. It was only a matter of time before he realized he needed to take charge and step out from behind the kit to front the band himself.

The Real Reasons Why Your Favorite Bands Broke Up. When the band lost Best Rock Video to Limp Bizkit, Commerford went with it anyway, “in protest” — and ended up getting arrested. Heavy metal would not exist without Sabbath, but outrageous singer Ozzy Osbourne‘s excesses fueled his own legend while hindering its progress.

The OKC Edge - Giving You The On Geek Society and Pop Culture, In OKC and surrounding areas, while promoting local Artists and Musicians. The best rock drummers ever!

There have been many great rock drummers through the years, but some are just a cut above the rest. Cliff of Somewhere Around Detroit, Michigan asks: Al, you usually only have a couple of videos for each album.

Several reasons on why limp bizkit is not a heavy metal band

Why do six (although I appreciate the extra work that you, the band and the behind-the-scenes people do so fans like me can watch more amazing videos than ever) for Straight Outta Lynwood?

It all began a couple years ago, when my record label suggested that I consider doing a DualDisc.

Bloody Disgusting!

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