Promotion mix for samsonite

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Promotion mix for samsonite

Positioning is a process used to let people be aware of a new brand and print a positive or a negative image about it in their minds. In order to build its brand name, Samsonite had to adopt specific tools of communication and promotion elements.

The communication tools were used to tell people about its products and to convince them to buy. Its products are of a high quality and very innovative to meet its customers requirements and to adapt to the changes that occurred in technology, fashion and purposes.

Samsonite uses the internet such as e-shopping and e-bay as a main tool to sell its products. Those websites provide special offers and prices.

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The advertising campaigns using celebrity figures have dominated the print Media in Europe. Samsonite has also provided several promotional tools such as discounts, warranties, coupons, gifts and cards.

To enhance its competitive advantage, Samsonite needs to consider other promotional tools such as personal selling for example. By attending fairs exhibitions, it can advertise its products to people and promote its advanced techniques to attract them.

With the use of personal selling, it can promote its bags and give the consumer the opportunity to ask questions. It can also use the ads banners installed in the various transportation tools such as busses, trains and planes.

Moreover, Samsonite should work on building a special relationship with people. Adopting environmental aspects such as decreasing energy use and emissions will brighten up its image and reputation. To develop the stages of communication successfully, the elements should go from one step to another consequently.

The difference between above-the-line and below-the-line promotions Organizations use several methods to promote their products. These methods are divided into Above-the-line and Below-the-line.

Promotion mix for samsonite

The Above-the-line method is very expensive and is conducted by advertising agencies. It involves using the media elements such as radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet in order to attract the biggest number of people and to build a name for the business. A restaurant like KFC or Hardees would use the television as a way to advertise their food and to be visible to people all the time.

A fashion retail store like Aishti and Aizone may use the radio to broadcast its sales events. Magazines advertise mainly famous cosmetics products such as Dior and Givenchy. Kia uses this method to be more viewable and to introduce new models. Creating a slogan which can be spread and unforgettable among people is very hard to be promoted.

For example, Yves Rocher sends catalogues by regular posts providing its collection of the coming season of the year. Picon cheese has purchased a temporary location in a mall to advertise the new product by offering small bites to customers.

A company can communicate directly and effectively with its customers.

Promotion mix for samsonite

Kia has been recently connected to its customers via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in order to improve the relationship between them. It has also adopted environmental aspects and encouraged people to plant trees as a way of dedicating itself to sustain environmental concerns.

It has been proven that a firm gains more profit when it tries to convene the requirements of one group only.Shop direct from Samsonite for the most durable & innovative luggage, business Exclusive Items · Free Shipping On $99+ · Making Travel Easier · Official SiteTypes: Luggage, Bags, Briefcases, Backpacks, Duffels.

Samsonite & Kelloggs Understanding Businesses Functions Promotion Mix, above and below the line Ezissa [email protected] Samsonite Promotional Mix The Promotion Mix is a set of activities used to create demand on a product using elements such as advertising, merchandising, personal selling and sales promotion.

Samsonite is a travelling supplies, accessories and solutions provider with a global presence in over countries and a catalog comprising of private and third party brands. The store offers vouchers, warranties and an ordering by phone option.

Customers are . PROMOTION MIX PROMOTION: Promotion is the process of communicating with individuals, groups or organizations to directly or indirectly facilitate exchanges by informing & persuading audiences to accept an organization /its products.

The American Tourister Trail Mix Softside Spinner is a really versatile item to have for your travel needs. There are more compartments than one could ever imagine, the inside is a soft material that won't ruin your clothing, and it's lightweight/5(39). AIM: To find out the communication mix and promotional tools used by the Samsonite to popularize its product trekking bags and to suggest promotional ideas to make its advertisement and promotion better.

Samsonite's Brand Strategy: 'The Product Is the Hero'