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Students may be admitted directly to the Ph. Prior to applying for admission, students are encouraged to visit the department's website and ensure that their research interests match with that of a faculty member. Those entering the Ph. Requirements A candidate for the doctoral degree in computer science must meet all of the following requirements in addition to the university requirements outlined under the Academic Information section in this Catalog:

Padm 500

PD1 The PD1 report shows statistical fee based data. It is arranged within Padm 500 financial year, one financial year per tab. This information is broken down into the following as the fees for each differ: It is the percentage of the target budget expended up to and including that month.

Percentage on-cost Discount This is calculated by: As this figure is calculated based on monthly dispensing data the percentage can change each month.

Padm 500

For the purposes of the NHS Prescription Services Information Systems, any organisation that shows information down to prescriber level can be set up as a practice. It provides a breakdown Padm 500 your practice by GP, Practice Nurse, and other practice prescribers.

Practice Nurse For the purposes of the NHS Prescription Services a practice nurse is a qualified nurse prescriber, who is employed by a practice, to prescribe for patients registered with the practice. The extract will only have data for prescribers that are directly attached to a practice.

Prep class Preparation class relates to the classification NHS Prescription Services use to categorise drug and appliances listed on their database. There are 6 preparation classes: Class 1 - A virtual product which provides the generic link record for a generic product Class 1 gn - A virtual product which provides the generic link record for a proprietary product which is being sold as a generic Class 2 - A virtual product which provides the generic link record for a proprietary product Class 3 - An actual proprietary product Class 4 - An appliance Class 5 - An actual generic product Prescribing Cost Analysis PCA The Health and Social Care Information Centre maintains a database of prescription data.

The system is based on a full analysis of all prescriptions dispensed in the Community ie by Community Pharmacists and Appliance Contractors, Dispensing Doctors and Prescribing Doctors for items Personally Administered. The data does not cover drugs dispensed in hospitals including Mental Health Trusts or private prescriptions.

The vast majority of the prescription items are prescribed by General Medical Practitioners, but those written by Dentists and those written in hospitals and dispensed in the Community are also included. Prescriptions written by Non-Medical Prescribers such as nurses are also included.

Our society is strongest when we stand against bias and inequity

Prescribing Information Prescribing information on GP and Nurse prescribing, collected by the NHS Prescription Services following the reimbursement of community pharmacists and dispensing doctors for dispensing FP10 prescriptions and for personally administered items.

Prescriber Identification Number PIN Number This is the number given to a prescriber ie GP, nurse etc which is shown on a FP10 next to the name on the front of the form Prescribed Generically Items which have been prescribed by the approved generic name even when a generic product may not be available.

This does not apply to figures for dispensing practices, the number of items which have been prescribed and dispensed generically will be based on items which have been prescribed generically and were also dispensed generically by the practice dispensary Prescribed item s These are item s on a prescription form, which have been prescribed and dispensed.Term: Acronym: Definition: Additional Information: Electronic Prescription Service EPS Formerly known as the Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP), the Electronic Prescription Service has been developed and it will enable prescribers - such as GPs and practice nurses - to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient's choice.

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Additive Manufacturing (AM), more widely known as 3D-printing, is a technology that can benefit the defense industry by enabling the ability for rapid, delocalized and flexible manufacturing of parts that have been cost-prohibitive to produce in the past.

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