Nora in a doll house and linda in death of a salesman

They were as follows:

Nora in a doll house and linda in death of a salesman

They approach the subjects such as gender roles and social norms by looking at the world in which they are part of and live in and the notion of how the world should be like.

They seem to have written the plays during the turning point of an ear where social norms were changing although there was resistance from the dominant social order. They are not just commenting on human condition aspects which have persisted during their lifespan and which they believe are detrimental to society.

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Most play writers are used to criticizing society by using characters who present different classes in society or ideological positions. They use symbolism and direct statements to show the audience that something is wrong. The characters used in the two books have been shaped by society and behave the way in the said ways because there is a conflict in their personality and psychology, the demands by society in which they live in has made them what they are.

Nora in a doll house and linda in death of a salesman

Both writers Willy Loman and Nora are products of their society and they shape their characters in respective to their culture. One may view the characters and the writers as victims of their culture and their lives are controlled to some extent by their cultures and it is their cultures that contribute to their attitudes, aspirations and limitations.

Analysis In both plays the representation of the woman is the same. She is expected to keep the family together as well as society. Nora and Linda are two protagonists in the plays and they have many things in common. However, they have many differences as Nora seems to be more liberal than Linda; this is somehow ironic since Ibsen wrote the play seventy years before Miller penned his down.

The two plays represent the normal traditional woman who has been oppressed and victimized by society. As much as the two plays are written in different centuries it is evident that not much has changed in how society treats its women.

The dreams and aspiration of the woman were not regarded or considered all she was expected to do was to take care of her house and engage in everyday work.

Her main roles were cooking, housework, sewing, cleaning. On the other hand the man was given the role of being head of the family and was given more respected jobs such as providing for the whole family and by working.

Linda had to give up everything she had even planned and hoped for her life and sacrifice herself for her family. Her work was to be there for her husband and two boys, doing all the house chores while her man got a job and found money to provide for them.

Unfortunately even with the work she did her husband did not seem treat her well. Willy disregarded whatever she did including whatever she said.

She is not even given a chance to talk during family conversations and he would interrupt her when she tried to say something. The wife Nora is expected to ring a doorbell before she can even be allowed to enter her own house. Her emancipation is due to her wish for independence and this is metaphorically a surge to her save her own life.

This could be the result to have her freedom. This comes with great price on her family, weighing heavily on her husband and children. After the woman has abandoned her home it seems abandoned from the world. The gender status during that time and displays the clear role of women in society back then.

She started as the ideal woman and wife as per the society and as the husband wanted.

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She would be insulted daily and even accused of eating unhealthy food and gaining weight. She had a completely different role to that of Torvald. The female characters in the plays show how men refused to sacrifice themselves and integrity.

The book showed sacrifices that women undergo through. The concerns of the writers are illuminated the sacrifices of women. Women were treated as inferior to men; this was in relation to men, society and husbands. Comparison The situation back then could have changed a little when compared with today.

Women in many societies are still treated as inferior to men and they are somehow oppressed by society and victimized in many ways. The American community may have changed in a way and stared to treat their women well but in places such as Africa and Asia, women are still oppressed and even dehumanized.

The rights and roles of women are not respected and they continue to be ignored and overlooked when it comes to important matters such as work, remuneration, politics and the economy. Women are still fighting against oppression and finding a way to be regarded and treated well by society.

Men are regarded highly in society and hold some of the best positions. In their homes men are still treated as kings and accorded all the respect they request and deserve. Unfortunately women are not accorded the same respect. They work tirelessly to maintain our homes and society but still they get looked down at as if whatever they do is not important.Both Nora in A Doll's House and Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman are products of their respective cultures.

They can also be seen as victims of those cultures in that their lives have been determined and controlled to a degree by those cultures, cultures which contribute to .

"Death of a Salesman" by Miller and "A Doll's House" by Ibsen "Death of a Salesman" and "A Doll's House" are two plays that were written in different centuries. In these plays, among other things, is presented the place that women hold in the family, as well as in the society.

A Doll House and Death of a Salesman are plays that essentially deal with the conflicts of abandonment and betrayal. Through the analysis of A Doll House, and Death of a Salesman, the audience will speculate on how an individual in each play abandoned or betrayed people who are close to them.

In “Death of a Salesman”, Linda embodies the role of the traditional American woman, which was to take care of her husband, her children and the house, regardless of her personal aspirations, and dreams.

The two books “Death of a Salesman” and “A Doll’s House” take a critical and analytical look on the gender roles and social norms in past decades.

Nora in a doll house and linda in death of a salesman

The characters in the book mostly women are oppressed and deprived of their rights due to the lack of freedom of expression and liberty to follow their dreams. And, although they were published in different centuries, and "A Doll's House" was written seventy years before than "Death of a Salesman" Nora's portrayal of the wife's role is much more modern, liberal and less chauvinist than Linda's.

Compare and contrast the plays A Doll's House and Death of a Salesman. | eNotes