Mobile paper shredding service

Collecting and shredding confidential data at your premises is fast, cost-effective and security is guaranteed. See how easy it is Collection Lockable bins or bags are supplied for regular collections, or alternatively we offer a one-off collection of bagged, boxed or palletised material. Security Vetted Staff Our uniformed and security-vetted staff transfer all documents in sealed containers to our mobile shredding vehicle.

Mobile paper shredding service

Certified drop-off hard drive shredding Watch While You Wait! I've been shredding your paper documents over the years and the question comes up again and again about what to do Mobile paper shredding service hard-to-destroy items such as Hard Drives.

I guess there's a reason they call them "Hard" drives! My Paper Shredding equipment is basically meant to only handle But, these Hard Drives must be destroyed before disposal I've gone back and forth on the best way to get rid of these hard drives.

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I've seen machines that basically punch a whole through a hard drive and bend up the data platters held within the hard drive.

There are ways to overwrite the information that's currently on the hard drive with new information that will make your personal information unreadable.

And there there's degaussing methods that erase all the sensitive information on your hard drive. All these different methods may work perfectly fine when it comes to destroying the information on your hard drive Don't Take A Chance!

Mobile paper shredding service

The only way I'd be happy with getting rid of one my personal hard drives would be to run it through a shredder where the end result is a bunch of pieces.

And this is Very Important The thing about the hard drive from the Columbia was that the platters the things that hold the data were basically not damaged.

The researchers were able to clean off the debris, re-align them with a new motor, and pull a couple hundred megabytes of information off the drive. I've confirmed this with Forensic Digital Experts Remember the Columbia Hard Drive Platters were in one piece and in relatively good shape compared to the rest of the hard drive.

The Columbia Hard Drive fell from a Few Thousand Feet into a dried up lake bed and that didn't prevent the information from being recovered!

Hard Drive Platters that are Scratched, Deformed, and in Pieces are a whole nother story - which is exactly what happens when we run your hard drive through our shredder!

Guarantee your Hard Drives are destroyed to your satisfaction by supervising Witnessing the entire evolution in person from our personal viewing window.

No job is too small or too big and No Appointment is Necessary. I go to great expense enforcing a strict uniform policy that Endears Confidence and Professionalism to all our customers. Along with uniforms, all employees have a Photo I. My technicians are held accountable for their performance and it's important you know who you're dealing with - By Name.

Fort Knox Like Security Work-In-Process forms are created for any Hard Drives you didn't witness destruction that track your Hard Drives through the destruction process.

At completion, the forms are routed for final check-off concluding in a Certificate of Destruction sent out to you. Free Certificate of Destruction immediately provided if you witness the destruction of your Hard Drives or a Certificate will be mailed or emailed to you for un-witnessed destruction.

Contribute to a Healthier Renewable Environment by knowing we recycle as much of what we shred as possible.

All this talk about Hard Drive Destruction assumes you have some idea about what a Hard Drive is and that you'll know how to get it out of your computer in order to bring it in for Destruction. A Hard Drive is that component within your computer laptop, desktop, or server that holds all your critical information that you need and access on a daily basis.

Basically any computer, including smart phones and PDA's, has some sort of Hard Drive or equivalent that stores data. And that Hard Drive must be destroyed before you get rid of that old computer. If that leaves you scratching your head, just bring us your old computer and we will handle the rest.

Once all that done, we'll send you a Certificate of Destruction - Very Simple! Did I mention you can watch your hard drives get shredded That's right, bring your hard drives down to us and we'll shred them for you so you can watch.

Finally, just because the security of your information is my greatest concern, upon request additional fees may applywe will annotate the serial number of each hard drive we shred and keep that serial on record in a secure database.

This is important for a few reasons: If you believe you had a hard drive shredded with us and that hard drive ever shows up again, we can quickly track down the serial number of all hard drives shredded and the date shredded.Here at Total Secure Shredding, we keep you and your client's information safe by having your hard drives destroryed by certified professionals!

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Sierra Shred Shredding Secure On-Site Paper Shredding Document Destruction Service

A Shred Monkeys mobile shredding truck will then arrive at the client’s site according to the predetermined schedule to service the bins and completely destroy their paper content with the latest cross-shredding process which can be witnessed by the client in real time. Blue-pencil is Ontario's award winning document storage, shredding, scanning service.

Government Contracts We help large businesses and local residents securely safeguard private information, maintain legislative compliance and protect their public image. All you need to do is discard the documents in a provided secured container.

We deliver information agility with our service that keeps working. Central Florida's Secure Confidential Paper Shredding Services. Founded in in response to the growing number of requests from the business community for confidential document shredding.

Regularly Scheduled Shredding Service. Paper shredding service designed for clients who regularly generate sensitive documents that need to be destroyed securely. Secure On-Site Shredding. Secure On-Site Shredding is Florida’s leading provider for secure on-site shredding, since We have built our reputation by maintaining impeccable customer service while protecting your most confidential documents, hard drives, storage media, cd’s, cell phones, and tablets.

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