How to write a travel blog entry

It was nice to have my brand everywhere: Slideshare won't let me upload it right now I also had the chance to attend sessions, something of a rarity for me over the year. I did some press interviews as well, and caught up with a number of business partners and vendors to learn of their wares. It was a productive week; I only wish my facial pattern recognition algorithm had functioned better.

How to write a travel blog entry

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Posted by Nick Russell at At any rate, there is no denying the attraction railroads have, and many RVers enjoy visiting railroad museums across the country. In fact, the Golden Spike chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association FMCA is made up of railroad buffs who include excursions to railroad museums and railroad rides in the western United States at many of their events.

One that we enjoyed visiting was the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma, located in the friendly town of Enid in the north-central part of the state. Enid sprang up overnight during the Land Run inand railroads have always been a part of its history.

When the engineer of the Rock Island line train carrying people into the region refused to stop, people jumped off the train to stake their claims, and by the afternoon of that first day, the population of the 80 acre town had soared to 12, people. Occupying two city blocks of former railroad land just north of downtown Enid, The Railroad Museum of Oklahoma tells the story of the railroads and the railroad men, with a collection of well over a million pieces of railroad memorabilia, everything from locomotives, boxcars, and other rolling stock, to lanterns, 1, pieces of china and silverware from railroad dining cars, working model railroads, and an extensive reference library.

It is one of the largest collections of railroad material to be found anywhere in the United States. The best place to begin your tour is at the restored s-era Santa Fe Depot, which has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Properties. The locomotive produced pounds of steam pressure from its massive engine, which weighspounds.

The locomotive and tender were presented to the City of Enid in and placed on display in a city park, where it remained until it was moved to the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma in Louis Car Company in to be used as an Army medical service car.

Later, it was acquired by Amtrak and rebuilt into a Le Pub bar-lounge car to be used on the Montrealer. In another incarnation, the pub and dance floor were removed and Amtrak converted it into a cafe-lounge car.

The museum has quite a few railroad cars on display, including five different kinds of box cars, two kinds of flatcars, a three-dome tank car, track service vehicles, a post office car, and nine cabooses.

An old 50 ton G. Before coming to Enid, this Missouri Pacific caboose was on display at another railroad museum in Yukon, Oklahoma. Most of them went to museums, though some found their way into the hands of private collectors.

how to write a travel blog entry

In June,the caboose was sold to the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma and used with the caboose excursion train that had recently been created. The caboose features large open platforms that provided outdoor seating for passengers riding the train.

According to the Enid Chamber of Commerce, the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma draws more tourists than any other local museum, and it is easy to understand why. And if you do like railroads, this is a stop you have to make on your next trip through Oklahoma!

The museum is closed on Sunday and Monday.According to reports, there are over million blogs on the planet and the number continues to millions of active bloggers worldwide, it’s clear that blogs are an amazing tool to create content, share your experiences and attract your “tribe”.

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