Hannah smith walker thesis

Having spent her early years dividing her time between New Zealand and the UK, Ruth eventually returned to London permanently, where she worked in a variety of roles across the leisure, legal, and recruitment industries.

Hannah smith walker thesis

Two years after their arrival, Parley P. The Iron Mission, miles away, was planned and under way by the next summer. The first phase would establish an agricultural base, and the second phase would exploit the iron deposits.

The company was supposed to leave Salt Lake City immediately after October conference, but volunteers were so scarce that George A. Smith of the Council of the Twelve received authorization to call others to go.

The first company left in the chill of December, arriving 13 January By April they had surveyed about sixteen hundred acres of farm land, sowed a thousand acres of wheat, built roads, constructed a fort, made fences, and dug wells. Mother felt dredful bad for she had been seperated from her people so much and now we were setled so Hannah smith walker thesis them.

When they talked to us we could not understand half they said … but we were called and had to make the best of it. On 29 Septemberlocal historian William R. Palmer described the citizens gathering at sunset to see the torch applied to the furnace and then keep an all-night vigil.

Despite high hopes, the iron foundry never produced consistent and reliable quantities of iron between its opening in and its closing in Various problems plagued them, some internal and some external. A great flood in left the site strewn with twenty- and thirty-ton boulders; apprehension about the Walker War, an Indian conflict that had erupted in Utah Valley, replaced iron-making by fort-building.

In most of the time was spent constructing a rock furnace, since the brick furnace was too soft. Accidents with the furnace damaged it inbut a drought again caused a failure in their water supply; and the grasshopper plague meant that major efforts had to be spent to keep from starving to death. They immediately began military preparations, but their usual spirit of unity was blighted in September when some men from Cedar City and Parowan were involved with Indians in the slaying of more than a hundred non-Mormons at nearby Mountain Meadows.

President Brigham Young instructed stake president William H. Dame to lead an exploring party of sixty or seventy men westward across the Escalante Desert to find oases in the White Mountains where Church headquarters could be set up.

Obediently, they searched and found some limited water sources which they started to colonize in preparation for the mass migration they expected. In the spring ofsome 30, Mormons evacuated northern Utah as the army approached; Parowan, in addition to its explorations, sent teams and wagons to help make the move, and they manufactured bullets from the Latter-day Saint lead mines near Las Vegas for the expected conflict.

They failed only to profitably make iron. But they founded Cedar City, a place that has been the business hub of Southern Utah down to this day, and they reclaimed thousands of acres of land which provided homes for several hundred emigrant converts to the church.

Hannah smith walker thesis

For instance, even though President Dame had been regarded as one of several persons responsible for allowing the massacre at Mountain Meadows to occur, he refused to avoid arrest, even though he had the opportunity, and suffered steadfastly and uncomplaining through almost two years of imprisonment before his indictment was quashed.

He then served a mission to England while retaining, apparently at Elder George A. According to the somewhat more open procedures of those times, when President Young asked the conference whom they wished for president, one high councilor named President Dame. It was promptly seconded.

Unable to decide, the two apostles reinstated the same stake presidency temporarily, a decision that was made permanent a year later in President Dame served for an additional two years, a total of twenty-four years, and was released in Smith originally established are now three wards, but the original rock church, lovingly constructed by its pioneers, still stands behind its splendid stake center, now serving as a Daughters of the Utah Pioneers relic hall to house cherished mementoes of the past.

That past includes an impressive record. In the same year that Salt Lake City organized its Deseret Dramatic Association, and within months of the founding of the city, Parowan had organized its own dramatic association—ultimately, incompleting a fine brick Opera House with bricks and lime burned on the site.

Each spring they loaned seed wheat to the farmers, who paid it back in the fall with an added peck per bushel. But nineteenth-century Parowan had contributed liberally to founding at least fifteen other settlements, including sending fifteen families to Snowflake, Arizona, in and twenty to Cowley, Wyoming, in Smith with his false teeth.

Robert Miller, not to be outdone, gave another war whoop and threw his wig in the air, exposing his starry dome. The Indians stood wide-eyed, but when George A. Smith gave a howl and let his false teeth fall, they took to their horses and fled.

Carefully maintained as a relic hall by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, it is open for visitors during the summer or by arrangement. Smith of the Council of the Twelve, founder of Parowan. The Ensign thanks Frank O. Mortensen, stake historic arts correspondent, for his assistance; photography by Jed A.It was wonderful to see so many of our alumni and friends at the 40th birthday celebration!

Photos from the party can be seen from our album on Facebook and you can read a recap of the days events in the issue of the GeoGram.

Hannah smith walker thesis

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