Handwriting analysis signatures graphology

SECRET An amateur graphologist pleads for at least a dry run on an assessment technique of potential value in intelligence. The reaction is at times so strong as to give a psychologist the impression that those who shrink from the idea do so because they fear exposure and those who eagerly embrace it are the kind who like to snoop and pry. Whatever the psychological reasons, one thing is certain: The art of handwriting analysis-graphology, as it is more commonly called, especially in Europe--has two branches:

Handwriting analysis signatures graphology

Now, in all fairness, as I was given this handwriting sample, I was told some back-story of this individual. There have been books written about criminal tendencies and handwriting of evil, crazy, psychopaths… Danny might end up in one of those books.

We have a two page handwritten note. The first thing that you do is you look for any overall patterns or traits that jump out at you. In this case there are lots of individual traits that jump out at you. Now I want you to circle, outline, and note the traits you find. Now the real skill as an advanced handwriting expert is to combine those traits along with the rhythm, spacing, alignment, baseline, and the line quality to come up with an entire personality profile.

Even if you are just beginning and you have the primary traits, you will find this person is fascinating and fascinatingly troubled. It is a reverse D loop in the D stem. Any kind of upper loops that are off indicates a warped sense of morality. The next trait is resentment at religion.

Anything in the upper zone relates to religious ideas, philosophies and we see an anger tick toward that. This anger tick at any part in the handwriting is similar to resentment. You would know this if you owned the masters or advanced course but all the anger ticks are fine lines in the upper zone indicates some kind of annoyance or philosophy.

The next trait on the top is a stinger. This is a very common trait even if you have the basic course. It indicates an anger at women especially strong, challenging women. Vanity indicates a blaming nature, a tendency to be excessively concerned with what people think of him, and being condescending towards others.

There is a loop on the bottom, but there is not a loop on the top. Depending on which handwriting analysis book you read, that could be mother issues or father issues.

The bottom loop the boat represents issue with the father. So, this sample would indicate mommy issues or a lack of connection or a lack of trust with his mother. This is further correlated by the stinger in the other parts of the handwriting. Therefore, you know that women are his enemy… he blames them for his angst.

Article continued… scroll down past advertisement. Handwriting Analysis Course Brief Description: If you look in the middle of the page you see the word murder.

Those of you that are looking to learn a new trait from the advanced course, this is it; a worry loop. I also put something rather advanced here. This is an indicator of health issues and this would be what they call pain dots. This is in the advanced course. The two sections on health by Teresa DeBerry and Dr.SIGNATURE ANALYSIS.

Signature of a person is a depiction of his public figure. It is a stylized form of a person writing and an indication of his personality. In our signature analysis consultation, we guide you how to modify your signature to bring a positive transformation in your public image and make you able to stand out among people.

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Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination: Applying scientific principles, the Forensic Handwriting Examiner (Grafex) analyses and evaluates handwriting and signatures to expose forgery, identify anonymous writers, timberdesignmag.com examiner writes reports and gives testimony when needed to aid the client or court to arrive at the truth.

. Kawaii. October 18, at am. My handwriting is awful, but I do draw very well.

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It is almost as if I draw my words instead of writing them, which causes my handwriting to go everywhere and end up looking crazy. handwriting analysis HANDWRITING COMPARISONS AND HANDWRITING IDENTIFICATION When the authorship of a document is disputed, the Handwriting Expert will perform a scientific comparison of the disputed document against a handwriting specimen of known authorship.

Your signature is unique. It is also your public face. It represents you on important documents, on mes­sages to friends: it is your mark of promise, your bond. If the signature is larger than the handwriting, the writer carries a pretence of higher self esteem — and confidence — than is the case.

It is a ‘front’.

handwriting analysis signatures graphology

Medium size signature (same as handwriting): shows a balance of sense of value and modesty.

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