Florida power light case study

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Florida power light case study

Expansion[ edit ] Inthe Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC extended the operating licenses for both nuclear reactors from forty years to sixty years. Census data for msnbc. Cities within 50 miles include Miami 25 miles to city center.

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Two of the pumps failed to start as a result of overtightened packing. The third pump failed to start because of a malfunction in the turbine regulating valve pneumatic controller. August 24, [ edit ] Turkey Point was directly hit by Hurricane Andrew on August 24,destroying two raw water tanks and portions of the fire protection systems, draining another raw water tank, partially disabling the fire protection systems, causing severe damage to various non-nuclear structures, and cracking the smokestack for fossil-fueled Unit 1.

The smokestack later had to be demolished and rebuilt.


It also suffered a total loss of offsite power, requiring the use of the onsite emergency diesel generators for several days.

No significant damage was done to the plant's nuclear containment buildings. March 18, [ edit ] On March 18,an electrical fault occurred in a Unit 3 switchgear room, resulting in the loss of a safety related electrical bus and a reactor trip.

Other safety systems functioned as required, ensuring adequate reactor cooling. There was no threat to local residents or the environment, and the alert, the second-lowest Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC emergency declaration, was terminated later that same day.

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On February 26,both reactors were shut down due to the loss of off-site power during a widespread power outage in South Florida, affectingcustomers. The blackout was initially caused by an overheated voltage switch that soon caught fire in a power substation in Miami, 23 miles away from the plant.

The fire occurred at 1: This led to a domino effect that caused outages as far north as Daytona Beach and Tampa. Power was restored by 4: The reason this malfunction caused such widespread outages is still under investigation.


Hoffman countersued, claiming he was pressured to restart the reactors while they were in a condition which in his judgment made it unsafe to do so.

Upper management wanted the reactors restarted during xenon dead timewhich would have led to the operators at the controls having to continuously step control rods to safely manage reactor output.

Florida power light case study

Florida Power and Light responded to the allegation, claiming Hoffman's suit was "self-motivated". Turkey Point has been a contributing force to the reclassification of the American crocodile from endangered to the less serious category of vulnerable.

The Turkey Point nuclear power station sits on an exposed island in Biscayne Bayabout 25 miles south of Miami.Judicial Discipline Reform.

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Florida power light case study

Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: October 24, Florida Power and Light (FPL) has developed a widely acclaimed quality improvement program (QIP).

Florida Power Light Quality Improvement (QI) Story Exercise (A) Case Solution,Florida Power Light Quality Improvement (QI) Story Exercise (A) Case Analysis, Florida Power Light Quality Improvement (QI) Story Exercise (A) Case Study Solution, Florida Power and Light (FPL) has developed a well-known Improvement Program (QIP).

This exercise gives students in that division FPL used in an attempt to. Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is the largest utility furnishing the gen- eration, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity in the state of Florida. From its .

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