Abortion teenage pregnancy

Definition[ edit ] Most teenage pregnancies in developed countries involve legal adults. It violates the rights of girls, with life-threatening consequences in terms of sexual and reproductive health, and poses high development costs for communities, particularly in perpetuating the cycle of poverty. The risk of maternal death for girls under age 15 in low and middle income countries is higher than for women in their twenties. Life outcomes for teenage mothers and their children vary; other factors, such as poverty or social supportmay be more important than the age of the mother at the birth.

Abortion teenage pregnancy

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About 20 percent of all abortions taking place in the U.S. today are performed on teens. Teenage abortion has been linked to a number of physical and psychological problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, and other self-destructive behaviors. Compared to women who abort at an older age, women who abort as teens are significantly more likely to report. The rate of teenage pregnancy in the United States is higher than in other developed nations. Teenage births result in substantial costs, including public assistance, health care costs, and income. Data and Statistics. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. adverse behaviors during pregnancy, and long-term consequences of pregnancy. Source: State Disparities in Teenage Birth Rates in the United States. NCHS data brief. (46). QuickStats.

About 20 percent of all abortions taking place in the U. Compared to women who abort at an older age, women who abort as teens are significantly more likely to report more severe emotional injuries related to their abortions.

Are two to four times more likely to commit suicide. Teens are also more likely to report having wanted to keep the baby, higher levels of feeling misinformed in pre-abortion counseling, less satisfaction with abortion services and greater post-abortion stress. One study found that teenage aborters were more likely to report severe nightmares following abortion and to score higher on scales measuring antisocial traits, paranoia, drug abuse Abortion teenage pregnancy psychotic delusions than older aborters.

For example, a New York City study found that teens who had one previous abortion were four times more likely to abort their current pregnancy than girls experiencing Abortion teenage pregnancy first pregnancy.

Teens are also at higher risk for post-abortion infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease PID and endometritis inflamation of the uteruswhich may be caused either by the spread of an unrecognized sexually transmitted disease into the uterus during the abortion, or by micro-organisms on the surgical instruments which are inserted into the uterus.

Complications of Late-Term Abortions The Centers for Disease Control has reported that 30 percent of teenage abortions occur at or after 13 weeks gestation, compared to only 12 percent of abortions overall. Women who undergo late-term abortions often delay having the abortion precisely because 1 they have mixed feelings about the decision or feel less satisfied with it, 2 they have religious or moral objections to abortion, or 3 they have a more favorable attitude toward the unborn baby than women who have abortions in the first trimester.

In this regard, polls have consistently found that more teens have pro-life or anti-abortion attitudes than do older women, which may help to explain the much higher late-term abortion rate among teens.

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No doubt another factor is that teens are more likely to conceal their pregnancies, either out of shame or in an effort to avoid being pressured into an unwanted abortion.

After all, many teens know well in advance that their parents or boyfriends will support only one choice: But teens who conceal their pregnancies are never truly safe from the pressure to abort. Late-term abortions, and all of the factors related to ambivalence—such as delay, concealment of the pregnancy, and feeling pressured to abort—are significantly associated with more severe emotional and psychological problems after abortion.

When the abortion causes subsequent emotional reactions that are not understood—such as depression, anger, and substance abuse—parents may react with anger and confusion, exacerbating the problems of the teen and her family. The cost of such concealment can be dreadfully high.

Both year-old Erica Richardson of Maryland and year-old Dawn Ravanell of New York died from complications after they had abortions without telling their parents.

As shown above, numerous studies have found that, compared to older women, younger women—especially adolescents—are at significantly higher risk of physical and psychological complications following abortion.

But this information is not generally known by the public, and certainly not by the parents who pressure their daughters into abortions.

They have no idea that they are subjecting her to a physical and psychological trauma that will forever scar her life. Nor will the abortion clinics, who have a vested interest in keeping the dangers of abortion secret, explain the full range of risks to teenagers, their parents, or—in the case of judicial bypass—the judges who stand in the place of the parents.

Abortion teenage pregnancy

Abortion is fraught with dangers and risks, especially for younger women who are at greater risk of suffering both physical and psychological complications.Teenage pregnancy: advice for parents.

If you've been a model mum or dad, talked about where babies come from since they were barely babies themselves and, er, banged on about barrier contraception since before the year six disco, teenage pregnancy can come as a terrible shock.

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Context: Adolescent pregnancy, birth, abortion and sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates are much higher in the United States than in most other developed countries. As teenage pregnancy rates are decreasing in the United States, rates in the Dominican Republic are soaring.

In this Caribbean country where abortion is illegal under any circumstance, more than one in 10 teenage girls became pregnant in —double the world average and triple the United States average.

A look at the reasons why teens choose abortion, and the role that parental involvement and access to abortion services play in the decision-making. Top 6 States With Highest Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Rates. What Is the Difference Between Medical and Surgical Abortion? What to think about If you’ve done a pregnancy test and found out you are pregnant, you need to decide what you want to do next.

Our pages on having a baby and adoption have lots of information about two possible options for you.. If you don’t want to have a baby, or go through with an adoption, you can choose to have an abortion.

Abortion teenage pregnancy

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