4 matt book review of confronting without offending

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4 matt book review of confronting without offending

Email Who does not love a good fight? The tears, the hurt feelings, the raised voices — is it not just great? Yes, that was sarcasm. Most of us either hate fighting or fear it. We want to calmly work through problems and enjoy mutual understanding and respect, but we avoid confronting each other for fear that it will turn into a fight.

If there is one sin with which most of us contend, it is pride. When our faults are exposed, we tend to lash out in defensiveness which brings the communication process to a screeching halt. Some of us avoid confronting others at all cost because we want to maintain peace.

In fact, some people veer away from all conflicts because they believe confrontations are wrong. The first step in approaching a confrontation is to determine the goal of the interaction. Talking to someone at this point will probably make the matter worse as our body language tends to betray us when we are angry.

However, if your motivation is to have someone stop a behavior that is negatively impacting you e. Consider this power packed quote from Deborah: I mean, is it really a big deal? I would love to live in continuous peace and harmony, but I would have to be alone all the time to accomplish such a goal.

On the other hand, she does not recommend that we confront every negative encounter we face. In fact, she goes on to quote Proverbs We should not run around the countryside looking for a transgression to challenge.

When someone offends us once, and it can be overlooked, it is good to forgive and let it go. However, if someone has a pattern of offending you, or someone offends you in a way you cannot overlook, the situation needs to be dealt with head on. Personal Confrontation One day at work, a friend came to my desk and began complaining and talking flippantly about something in her life which others would consider a blessing.

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After she left, I let it go for a while, but I found that it was eating at me on the inside. I knew I needed to confront her and resolve it so it would not affect our friendship.

When I talked to her about how her comments made me feel, she was mortified. Her intentions were not to hurt me, but had I kept it bottled up inside I might have turned a misunderstanding into a burned bridge.

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Anger is not sinful, but I think we can all agree that Scripture condemns resentfulness and bitterness Ephesians 4: Another time, a different work friend made a snide comment about me out loud in the presence of fellow co-workers. It was not horribly derogatory, but I could tell she did not mean it as a compliment.

It bothered me, but after discussing it with Eric, I realized that her remarks stemmed from a difficult time she was going through. I knew she loved me and, in this case, I felt it was best to overlook the offense. Years have gone by, we are still friends, and by the grace of God there is no bitterness!

Though I did not doubt that Deborah knew what she was talking about, I did not expect to enjoy the book.

Welcome to my world.

Learning how to confront others did not seem terribly exciting — especially for my harmony-loving self. But I am here to tell you, I was wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found myself constantly running from room to room sharing new concepts with Eric.

4 matt book review of confronting without offending

It broke the confrontation process down so I could see why I needed to confront others and be comfortable with itit highlighted different ways people approach conflict, and it dealt heavily with personality types as they relate to conflict resolution.

Before I knew it, I was at the end of book!

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I recommend it to anyone and everyone whoever encounters conflict… which is anyone and everyone!News > People > News The IoS Pink List Our annual celebration of the gay and lesbian community is back and it's better than ever because, this time, we've had your help.

What I adore about Deborah Smith Pegues’ book, Confronting Without Offending, is her teaching on how to confront people – effectively. Some of us avoid confronting others at all cost because we want to . 4-MAT BOOK REVIEW OF DEBORAH PEGUES 2 A Review of: “Confronting without Offending” Summary In this book Confronting without Offending, the author Deborah Pegues, is giving the audience a valuable lesson on dealing with conflict%(6).

Confronting Without Offending Positive and Practical Steps to Resolving Conflict By Deborah Smith Pegues Confrontation: The Bridge to Harmony.

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